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Vajazzling in the Modern Era

I know it’s none of my business how people groom their private parts, but what if this grooming could be fun?

Listen, I am all about a method where one's vagina can shine in some way after

removing unwanted pubes.

For today, let's try to understand a more uncommon method with resurfacing popularity since it's early 21st century debut...


Vajazzling is still such a new term for some folks, and is quite an unusual term

within general conversation.'s a process where we put a rhinestone decoration on the pubic area! This type of decoration is just NOT possible with a hairy vagina. Therefore, you'll have to remove all hair completely to make it sparkle – otherwise, the adhesive-backed crystals will not stick well.

In some salons, beauticians use rhinestones, stickers, glitter or gems to achieve the art of the vajazzle. It all depends on the customer's preference and which type of shine (s)he wants; some designs can remain for hours or days at a time, but the main purpose of everything is to decorate your bikini area.


The word "vajazzle" is the combination of two words “vagina + bedazzle”, creating the new word that we obviously were missing in the English vocabulary. This term was initially introduced in the 2000s to differentiate from other services like tattoos and private piercings. Bedazzling had been around for some decades, and it was the IT thing to do to all of your clothing, bags, or whatever you could think to add rhinestones to! It's also worth mentioning that the BeDazzler was a famous product which was sold in the 1970s, making it easier to go bedazzle-nanas! Yea, it was a whole thing.

It was in 2010 when author and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt mentioned "vajazzling" in an interview on Lopez Tonight. If you don't know who she is, her movie stardom began with the biggest summer thriller of 1997, I Know What You Did Last Summer. Gen Z'ers, if you want a good laugh, go find this movie and watch for your amusement.

This interview was based on her upcoming book where she declared that she wrote an entire chapter on the vagina and its decoration. Feminist-move!

She said that similar to the entire body, we can make this part shine also if we choose the right methodology. After the interview, vajazzling became more fascinating and famous among some courtiers, and women were lining up to find a place to try it!


Before going too deep, keep in mind that vajazzling doesn't cover the entire vagina, but only the upper part, or pubic mound for my terminologists. Crystals and gems can be added one-by-one, or by pressing a pre-made design onto the skin... much like a temporary tattoo. The procedure is easy and can be completed within minutes, but may take more time and precision overall because the area we're dealing with is sensitive.

The proper adhesive should be safe for skin, no Gorilla glue allowed! The peeling-off process requires patience and gentle hands so your "lady land" won’t be harmed in the process. If they've been on long enough, they may tend to fall off on their own, though.

Bikini image credit:


Well, if you want a professional set of hands and eyes on this pretty project, you'll need to seek out a vajazzling expert... likely a Licensed Esthetician who has a track record of offering such services. As per our experience and reviews, we would recommend you to go to Brazilianology where they obsess over intimate skincare and glowing "down there". They will begin offering this service at the end of August.

First things first, they'll get your area smooth with a Brazilian wax by using a vegan, high-quality hard wax, which is specifically formulated for removing the hair down there. There you’ll find a few vajazzle designs to choose from to find your favorite one for the special occasion... or just your act of self love!

So, dear reader, I hope you’re all be clear about vajazzling and its place in the world of the nether regions.

Thanks for reading!

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