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In 2018, Brazilianology embarked on its journey in the heart of Upper Arlington, Ohio. With a commitment to excellence, we introduced our specialized services in customized hair removal and intimate skincare. Guided by a passion for nurturing smooth, radiant skin and a dedication to innovation, Brazilianology quickly emerged as a beacon of expertise in the beauty industry.

In a mere two years, our dedication to perfection was acknowledged as Brazilianology proudly received the prestigious title of "Best in Waxing Hair Removal Service" for 2019 in the acclaimed Best of Upper Arlington Awards. This recognition underscored our unwavering pursuit of delivering top-tier services that resonate with our clients' desires.

Ausha, the visionary Founder and Licensed Esthetician behind Brazilianology, harnessed her expertise in speed waxing and product development to craft transformative experiences for thousands of guests. Her devotion to elevating personal care journeys has not only enhanced the lives of our cherished patrons but also propelled Brazilianology into a league of its own.

At Brazilianology, we are steadfast in our mission to curate a sanctuary devoid of judgment, where our guests can freely embrace their beauty aspirations. In 2021, fueled by our commitment to providing unparalleled service, we relocated to Dublin, Ohio, fortifying our presence and accessibility for our valued clients. This expansion also marked the growth of our All-Star Team of Waxologists, carefully curated to ensure our clients' needs are met with expertise and care.


Our journey is a testament to our unshakable dedication to building a brand that exudes excellence, authenticity, and inclusivity. As we continue to etch our path in the beauty landscape, Brazilianology remains ardently devoted to reaching new milestones, setting higher standards, and above all, celebrating the unique beauty that resides within each of our clients. Join us as we redefine personalized hair removal and intimate skincare experiences - one client, one smooth moment at a time.

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