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Take Your Brazilian Wax to the NEXT LEVEL!

If you are reading this by now, then you must be familiar with what a Brazilian wax service is and understand the benefits of having one done. What we're about to discuss now is going to blow your mind! There is a way to take your Brazilian wax to a new level, and it's by way of a "Vajacial"!


In short, this spa service (very similar to a facial) focuses on refreshing the skin after or between waxes and removing pesky ingrown hair. It's the service you never knew you needed until you receive it! Yes, it is performed on the vagina, but only focuses on the mound (mons pubis), bikini line and outer lips (labia).

Vajacials can be performed directly after a Brazilian wax, or a few weeks after the service... it just depends on the intended goal, and which specified formulas are used. Are you aiming to calm your skin and reduce the redness after a service, or trying to brighten, tone and help firm the skin?

Here at Brazilianology, we currently offer two (2) vajacial services under Intimate Skincare: