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Take Your Brazilian Wax to the NEXT LEVEL!

If you are reading this by now, then you must be familiar with what a Brazilian wax service is and understand the benefits of having one done. What we're about to discuss now is going to blow your mind! There is a way to take your Brazilian wax to a new level, and it's by way of a "Vajacial"!


In short, this spa service (very similar to a facial) focuses on refreshing the skin after or between waxes and removing pesky ingrown hair. It's the service you never knew you needed until you receive it! Yes, it is performed on the vagina, but only focuses on the mound (mons pubis), bikini line and outer lips (labia).

Vajacials can be performed directly after a Brazilian wax, or a few weeks after the service... it just depends on the intended goal, and which specified formulas are used. Are you aiming to calm your skin and reduce the redness after a service, or trying to brighten, tone and help firm the skin?

Here at Brazilianology, we currently offer two (2) vajacial services under Intimate Skincare:

  1. Express Relief Vajacial - an intensive soothing and calming treatment designed to combat breakouts and provide instant relief from post wax discomfort

  2. Brighter Blossom Vajacial - designed to brighten the skin to help fade dark spots and scarring from breakouts

We know... it still sounds kind of vague, right? I bet you're asking,

"What REALLY goes down [there] during a vajacial?"

Well, let's review a general step-by-step:

  • CLEANSING: We always start with clean skin! Cleansers for this treatment are specifically formulated for the private area and are usually very gentle and void of harmful ingredients and excess fragrances.

  • STEAM TREATMENT: Beginning with a brief steam treatment allows the skin's pores to open in order to fully access blockages like ingrown hair and blackheads. This step goes hand-in-hand with the initial cleanse.

  • EXFOLIATING: If a vajacial is following a fresh wax service, this step may be skipped due to sensitivity. If not, then a gentle scrub or exfoliating glycolic acid treatment (or something similar) is applied to the skin to remove rough surface cells which will allow the technician to perform the next step.

  • EXTRACTIONS: This includes using special tools to remove ingrown hair and blackheads... and is probably your technician's favorite part, so don't fret if they appear a bit excited! It's the satisfaction of removing the ingrown hair and blackheads that have been clogging the skin for however long! Sometimes we find the longest hair ever hiding underneath the skin, which feels like discovering buried treasure! It's not the most comfortable part of the process, but it is relieving to see the difference once it's over!

  • MASK: This step usually varies, depending on the type of vajacial, and your skin's needs. There are many different types of masks, including hydrojelly, clay, peel-off, hydrating, etc. Whatever the case may be, a specified mask is whipped up and applied to the skin for a few minutes. With the absence of skin blockages (ingrown hair, blackheads), the nourishing ingredients of the mask are able to penetrate the epidermis (top most layer of the skin) for maximum results.

  • SERUMS: Special serums are applied to the skin, again, based on the goal of the vajacial service. This may include the application of a brightening serum, or whatever is needed to "feed" the skin following the removal of the mask. This step may also include the use of a light moisturizer as well.

  • FINISHED: By this time, your "treasure box" should be on full glow-up!

Who's ready to LEVEL UP! Check out these before and after from one of our vajacial services:

This phenomenal client booked a Brazilian wax & Express Relief Vajacial.

The glow up is evident! Take your Brazilian wax to the next level with a Vajacial ASAP!

Ready to book with Brazilianology? CLICK HERE. We can't wait to get you glowing this summer!

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